Erkki Nieminen (also known as oh-eni or eni)

Updated 06.12.2005

Who - me?

ENIparstapieni.jpg (12K) Tequila_TN.jpg (8K) Going strong since 1960. Early years were spent in Jyväskylä, moved to Tampere in 1989. Working for the Finnish Air Force (not flying, though). Not married, but living with a nice lady called Satu since 1995.

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Some fine summer day around 1970 I saw a diver first time. It happened at our summer cottage. The guy was from Canada and visiting his relatives in Finland. He took a little dive in the lake Pyhtää, and I was watching curiously. After that I have been fascinated by the under-water conditions. I bought my own mask and fins. I still have the mask, and it is in fine shape. The fins were broken when my foot grew bigger and I was still desperately trying to get them on. I have been snorkelling more or less since that first diving experience, but only recently I could afford the expences of scuba-course. TN_Aleksi_ENI.JPG (14K)

My diving club is Tampereen Urheilusukeltajat. The club is largest in Finland, with little over 500 members. In the winter I visit the swimming halls three times a week. Normally I swim 40-50 minutes with fins and after that 40 minutes of freediving.

I attended CMAS P1 -course in the spring of 2001. Our theory lessons and pool exercises were 8.3.-7.4. and our first five open water dives were held at Kangasjärvi, Isojoki 26.-27.5.2001.

In the summer I and my companion Satu bought our first diving-gear. I rely on Scubapro products. I have MK18/S600 combination for both regulator and octo. My bc is Glide 2000. In the beginning I bought a wet suit, 7 mm Pacific steamer with 7 mm Pacific jacket. As the summer progressed I began to consider bying a dry suit. The problem with wet suit is not the coldness of water, no! When I got the suit, I tested it immediately in the local lake Kaukajärvi, which was just lost the icy cover. The water temperature was +6 degrees C, and I was able to snorkel there one our before Satu got bored and forced me up from the water. She was freezing, not me! It is the stripping near naked after and before the dive, maybe in freezing rain and wind that makes you jealous to dry suit users. They can wear warm clothing all the time, just sliding in their suit before dive in complete warmth. And after dive they disappear to have nice cup of coffee some nearby cafeteria, when the poor wet suiters are just beginning their cold task of taking off the wet suit, toweling themselves a little bit dryer and dressing up. So after all those sufferings I am now an owner of a HeavyLight dry suit by Ursuk.

In my first year me and my buddy Satu were able to make 46 dives. Most of them were done in lakes near Tampere, but in December we were able to take one week vacation in Hurghada, Egypt. Five days of diving, two dives per day. What a refreshing way to spend your holiday.

The Red Sea was such an experience that we visited it again in March 2002. The location was same as previously, Hurghada. This time we took 12 dives with Voodoo Divers.

CMAS P2 (**) course was our next step. The theory lessons and swimming pool exercices were held 23.-24.3., 13.-14.4. and 27.4. Theory examination was passed without difficulties. Open water dives were held 13.-14.7.2002 at lake Heramaanjärvi near Tampere. We got our certificates 16.7.2002. My number is 5270 :-)

P3_2002group_TN.JPG (17K)

We took also the CMAS P3 (***) theory module 18.-19.5. I have a little report and photos for the interested.

102_0223.jpg (1K)
Canon PowerShot S45 pictures from the pool!

001temple.jpg (1K) Photogallery from latest diving trip to Sharm El Sheikh, 13.-27.12.2002. See how Canon Powershot S45 and WP-DC300 waterproof case handle the salty and shiny environment! Some pictures (most of the dry ones) taken with HP photosmart 812.

110_1024 (1K) Underwater photos from coastal waters of Finland. Wreck pictures!

Swimming in arctic conditions is fun

TN_Ice-shark_in_water.jpg (14K) TN Ice-shark avannolla.jpg (11K) Believe or not, it is not as cold as you imagine! When I was younger and still living with my parents, it was common practice to go to our summer cottage on weekends also in winter and have a sauna-bath and a little dip in the avanto (that is finnish for the hole in the ice). I have some photos, which were taken from a "competition" between swimmers from Tampere and Turku.

To the left you can see me in the water. The avanto is kept open by inserting air into the water. It keeps the water moving and prevents it freezing. The temperature of the water was 0 degrees Celcius.

To the right I am holding a T-shirt. It has a picture of a funny-looking frozen shark at the back with a text "ICE SHARK". It was a must-to-buy souvenir from Hurghada in December 2001.

Online Gaming

I bought my first pc in 1997. Since then I have been an eager gamer. My first buys were Fallout 2 and Longbow 2. I tried also the fixed-wing planes by buying Airwarrior 3, but had some difficulties to keep those things in the air. Helis seemed easier and more fun. But by buying civilian simulators Fly!, Flight Unlimited 3 and Flight Simulator 98 and flying the tutorials seemed to help things a little bit.

I had been reading articles of on-line flying from the finnish Pelit-magazine, and downloaded the famous Warbirds. After playing it some time offline I had the courage to open an account at iEN and join the ranks of virtual pilots in the digital sky. The older version of Warbirds (2.77) was more to my liking. Mostly I flew in WW2-arena or in the War Room. In Warbirds I was known as oh-eni. I did not like the new Warbirds 3, and gradually I shifted my interest towards new on-line games: World War 2 Online and the IL-2 Stormovik series.

At the moment I am active in the World War 2 Online. Say hello to callsign eni :-)

I was a member of the VLeLv Icebreakers. Nowadays our squadron is disbanded.
Finnish virtual combat flyers are organised under the Virtualpilots assosiation. The flying community has made valuable work by gathering information from WW2 veterans and displaying it in the web.