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 Koiranelämää vuodesta 1967
 A small family kennel

  • living with boxers since 1967 Jarmo,
    since 1971 Kristiina
  • living with tervuerens since 1997
    whole family
  • working dog trials since 1978,
    five working champions
  • Kristiina has justice to judge
    working dogs companion dog tests (BH), tracking trials (PAJÄ),
    search trials (PAHA) and AD trials
  • puppies since 1986
  • the main idea is to have healthy dogs with
    good working abilities
  • ...and of course to have a good,
    humoristic life
    with them!


Kristiina Kallio
Harjutie 17 D 30
33430 Vuorentausta

+358 40 5317 425


I got my first boxer at seven year’s age, just at the same age as Jarmo wished a dog of his own. It was a male boxer "Balmunga", called Pablo. We had already had a small pincher Sami in my childhood family, but having a boxer was definitely something else! Pablo taught me everything that needs to be known about obedience. That’s because Pablo was not in hand at all! But we grew up and learned together and as a result my heard was given to dog training!

After my first boxer Pablo I had a boston terrier Noppa and a doberman Cato. During that time boxers were still burning in my mind... And finally when I moved to an own apartment I got my second boxer "Ruska", a boxer female FIN WORKING CH, FIN CH Ciralles Jet Ashton. Ruska was a mother of kennel Flirtin and also the dog that led Jarmo and me together.

After Ruska I got the dog of my life. Alive legend boxer male FIN WORKING CH, FIN CH, JK3, HK3, VK3, YK3 Vic von Sparta. "Sparta" was an amazing dog with great working abilities and in the same time calm and reliable with the family.

After Sparta I got a tervueren male FIN WORKING CH, JK3, HK3, EK3, BH, AD, AGI1 Flirtin Kettu Kebir. It is my latest competition dog.  It is a wonderful dog with high ability to work.

Kristiina ja Pablo

Jarmo ja Aku

Pauliina ja Perla

Eveliina ja Flirtti

Karoliina ja Kebir