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2013 August version 3.1
- New version of math core.
- New development environment, so that newer operating systems can be supported
- User can now set either comma ',' or dot '.' as decimal separator. When user sets for comma as decimal separator then argument
separator is semicolumn. When user sets dot as decimal separator then argument separator is comma.
- Division by zero creates Inf instead of "Division by zero message". If answer is Inf, program stores this to history list but not into variable
- log, log2 and log10 are discontinued. New function log(base,num) replaces these. Now log(e,x) is same than log(x) was,
log(2,x) is same than log2(x) was and log(10,x) is same than log10(x) was. In addition you can now make what ever logarithm
functions with what ever base number you would like to.
- exp, exp2 and exp10 are discontinue, just use normal power operator "^", for example exp(x) cam be calculated now e^x.
- New function "floor" added, see help details
- New function "roundto" added, see help details
- Function frac gave wrong answer with negative numbers, this has been fixed
- Following hyperbolic functions returned always radians independent of angle setting: asinh, acosh, atanh, acoth
asech and acsch. Now all these funtions returns angle according to set angle.
- When changing setting of "Stay on Top" or setting "decimal separator", program gives message box that program
needs to be restarted to make these changes effective.
- Plotting of functions renewed: one can set for each plot now color and line thickness. Also title, xlabel and ylabel can be set.
on can also print the plot.
- Using Ctrl and mouse's middle roll will now zoom font size
- New random generator, see help "in build functions" more
- Styles add. There are 8 different styles now available in the settings page.
- In Statistics window was error, if user put floating point values as input, then sometimes program removed decimal part from a number
in the Sorted window. This has been fixed.
- Natural constants added as a separate window. User can more natural constant to main window just by clicking it.

2010 version 3.0

- New compiler

- Zero is added in front of decimal number, earlier it has been just ".". From now

on for example .4 is shown 0.4 and -.4 is shown -0.4

- If error in user entered string, after error message, program will print erroneous string into main screen again for user editing

- Order of loading variables and functions changed, when programs starts. If Function had a user defined variable in it, program genarated notice, when program

started: that unknown variable. Program worked ok after this, but this notice created confusion.

- Esc-button will close now also graph window

- Date calculation and variables window is now connected to context sensitive help

- Statistics window added, which can be used to calculate following statistical values:Minimum, maximum,

number of elements, mean, median, sum, sum of squares, range, standard deviation, variance, kurtosis, skewness,

geometric mean and mid-range.

- With ":" is possible to add several calculations and/or functions on same line. This is for power users and makes complex calculations faster

- Onto graphics window has been added "X" and "Y" coordinated, so that they show cursor position according to plot graph. These numbers reacts also to zoom level

- Maximum number of user defined variables increased from 1000 to 2000.

- Maximum number of user defined functions increased from 500 to 1000.

- Output formating added. It is now possible to format output numbers, see settings page and corresponding help

- Ouput format generally standardized there are no spaces between variables, equal signs and numbers any more

- Help updated to all above mentioned



July 2008 version 2.10

- Font dialog added, so that user can set font type, size, color and so on.

- Color dialog added, so that user can set background color of main screen, variables and functions. Notice history list color is gray all the time.

- Stay on top setting added to the settings page, notice in order for program

to react to this setting you have to restart it. Only main window can stay on top not all.

- History list / spacebar normal operation added to settings page. Text in status bar changed to more

understandable. Program also remembers this setting after closing and starting the program again.

- When taking items from history list with mouse's double click statusbar's text did

not update back to "Main". This has been fixed.

- If cancelling history list operation with ESC-button status bar did not update. This has been fixed.

- Adding erronous variable into varible window, did not prevent closing of variable window when

pressing OK. If Apply was pressed in this situation, erronous variable was deleted. Now window

stays on and it does not delete erronous variable and gives user possibility to fix variable and tells

which variable was erronous

- If user adds variable without value, variable is put to zero automatically

- More syntax checks has been added to check, that user defined functions are correct

- Plot graph's axes are now set more according to steps used in plot command

- In date calculation window, all dates are set to today, when window is opened

- In help is now explained how to make conversions with the program - see from help Making Conversions

- None of the reserved words cannot be set as user defined variable or function any more.

- Help updated for new features


March 2008 version 2.9

- Several hint texts fixed, buttons in settings page put to right order

- d2o fixed, this function did not work properly when using numbers bigger than 11 digits

- Title of help file changed

- If item was taken from history list with mouse status bar's text was not properly updated,

this has been fixed

- Variables window did not always close with ESC button and sometimes when pressing "Apply"

button in Variables window, content of variable window were erased. These have been fixed.

- Statusbar has now tree field: Degrees, space bar status and other messages, see help for details

- Bitwise operations added: and, or, xor, not, shift left, shift right, eqv(equivalence) and imp(implication), see help details.

In order to use these new functions you have to disable history list from space bar.

This can be done by pressing F2.

- Degrees, Grad and Radian can be rotated by pressing F2.

- Variables, functions and date window now remembers their position and size

- Help file updated


March 2007 version 2.8

- Short cut button of variables window changed from Ctrl-v to Ctrl-r, because Ctrl-v is also

paste-function. (Thanks Florentino Gracia)


March 2007 version 2.7

- Buttons on variable window were unnecessary activated, when only "ans" variable was updated

- Exception, for example syntax error in expression, created editing problems in main window

- Hint texts corrected in the buttons of variable window

- Functions d2b and d2h did not work properly, this has been fixed

- Windows help implemented. Now there is context sensitive help available by pressing F1

- Function d2o has been implemented this converts deciamls to octal numbers

- Short cut for "View" menu items 


October 2006 version 2.6

- OK and Cancel button has been added into settings page

- It is possible to use up and down arrows to browse history list

- Roots function has been added. This function replaces earlier Solve function. Roots finds

roots based on modified bisection method from a arbitrary function

- If user is not putting calculation into variable, program puts

- Help has been updated

- Number of strings in history list increased to 200, see also help

- Bug fix: pressing "unnecessary" enter after command created extra line into main window.

This has been fixed


Version 2.5 (Internal release)

- Fix to graphics updates of buttons on the variables and functions pages


May 2006 version 2.4

- Bug fix: program did not accept negative variables


May 2006 version 2.3

- One can take more than one item from history list into main window. One can

for example take an item from history list then press "+"-sign and then take another

item from the history list and so on.

- Pressing "Apply" button in variable window will now update also variable window's

text content.

- One can use Hex and Binary numbers like decimal numbers. Entering just hex or binary

number converts to decimal

- Four new functions d2h (decimal to hex),d2b (decimal to binary), frac (fractional part)

and mod (modulo) have added. See more from the help.

- "pl" command is changed to "plot", function is same

- Bug Fix: entering empty expression gives now in all circumtances "invalid expression notice"

- Bug Fix: if one wrote two variable beginning with same letter, it sometimes happend

that other one was deleted from the variable window. Although actual variable was still

active in the core.

- Bug Fix: copying items from other program with copy paste function did not always work

when using mouse and pop-up menu. This has been fixed.

- Bug Fix: taking item from history list with mouse added extra empty line, this has been



January 2006 version 2.2

- Solve function has been temporary removed to make more stable

- Into Settings page has been added OK and Cancel button

- It is now possible to come back from history list with esc without taking anything

from the list

- Esc button works now in all windows as cancel or close button

- Copy and paste function made easier to use in main window, when right clicking

with mouse.

- Statusbar shows now if history list is visible

- Bug Fix: it was not possible to remove variable with varible window

- Bug Fix: compilation was done with wrong switch and program required sometimes

dll, which was not delivered with the installation package

- Bug fix: if calling history list more than once and selecting from there more

than one item, program added lines without calculating them.


December 2005 version 2.1

- Solve function. One can solve arbitrary functions. Solving

engine is beta and it is numerical. It can find only one

root at the moment. 

- Date calculations. One can calculate how many dates there are

between certain dates or add/subtract days from a date.

Separate Window add for this.

- Separate Window for variables, old command "vars" and "clv" works together with the variable window

- Function and variable windows are now sizeable

- Status bar, which shows either radians, degrees and grad

- Bug fix: It was possible to add variable, which does not start with alphabetic

mark, this caused problems with the calculation core.

- Bug fix: after clv command call to history list did not work properly

- Bug fix: it was possible to add variable, which had same name than already existing function

- Bug fix: if main window was empty when history list is called, program added extra return


January 2004 version 2.0

- User definable functions. User can add multivariable functions into separate

window. All functions are saved to one file automatically

- Angle mode radian, degree and grad can be set for trigonometric functions.

- Strings and functions are stored automatically into temp file. So user can use

calculator and earlier used strings without opening anything.

- NOTICE: Due to temp file of expression strings, program does not verify anymore

if user wants to save his work before exiting. Opening program again loads last strings

from the temp. Also only one instance of the program is allowed to run at a time.

- vars command shows now also varible values in addition of name

- Clear variables (clv) command added.

- Help is updated


September 2004 version 1.4

- Decimal separator did not work correctly with variables if it were set in Windows

to "," in some Windows operating systems

- Saving added. User can now same his or hers variables and expressions. Both

are saved in same file. Normal save and open dialogs are used.

- User can now plot upto 10 curves to one graph

- clc command added. This will clear main window

- History list's background is now gray, so it is easier to separate it from the

main window.

- Help updated to new features


July 2004 version 1.3

- Two new functions degrees to radians (d2r) and radians to degree (r2d) added

- One new command "vars" shows variable reserved by user

- Bug fixes

- pl command created memory allocation problem if step was way below 1. This was captured

by exception, so no harm done, but irritating bug.

- Help updated


June 2004 version 1.2

- 2D plotting added. With command "pl" it is possible to plot two dimensional plots

- Help updated

- Editing fixed, no longer user can set position of caret with mouse and write to

"wrong place". New equation are always now forced to the end of main window.


April 2004 version 1.1

- Adding variable corrected. After adding variable program did not show the answer

- Editing of main window improved.

- Help updated


March 2004 version 1.0