The houses are located in Finnish Lapland, 6 kilometers east from the city of Muonio and about 200 km northwest from the city of Rovaniemi. The nearest airport is Kittilä Airport, which is about 80 km away. The nearest railway station is in Kolari, which is about 70 km away.

The Olos ski resort is about 1.5 km away from the cabins and the illuminated cross-country ski tracks can be found only 100 m away from the cabins.
For more information about the Olos ski resort, the cross-country ski facilities in the area and for a general overview of possible activities in the area click here (External link).

The following text is taken from the brochure 'Discover Muonio in the Lappish fells', issued by Muonio information:
"Your holiday in WINTER-MUONIO will be memorable. In the area, there is one of the longest skiing tracks networks in Finland - more than 200 km well maintained tracks - over 60 km is illuminated and 40 km in milder climate altitude. For easygoing there are resting places along the tracks and enough challenge for trained skiers. The skiers are also provided with gliding test facility, ski-service, equipment rental, etc. Even the biathlonists have now a track of their own. The firstsnow-lovers are given an option and the true trainers a chance - an illuminated 10 km track can be covered with snow by snowmaking right after the first frosts occur in October.

There is a variety of slopes for downhill skiing in Muonio. Olostunturi has 10 slopes and 4 lifts. The maximum length being 1400 meters and relative height 210 meters. Due to snowmaking and illumination the season begins early.
In the nearby, beautiful and might Pallastunturi fell there are 9 more slopes and 2 lifts. The best drive there is 2400 meters and relative height even 340 meters.

The resorts have ski-instructors, ski service and rental. Both bases are also provided with a restaurant, slopecafe and a caravan site.

When you hear the call of the wild, go for a dog team ride. You can easily become aware of the feeling of ancient traders up in the white fields of snow when dogs are speeding through forests and over fells.

Here you have a unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with reindeer - the "wild" herd of Lapland. Local husbandries will provide you with information of life, care and history of reindeer. You might want to see films and pictures, listen to stories and tales about reindeer and the people who wandered with their herd. You can also obtain a 'driving license' for reindeer. And when you go for a reindeer toboggan ride you can grasp the joy of life of the Lapp families in the olden days.

In the Muonio region there is also an excellent snowmobile route network which joins the network in the whole of the Fell-Lapland; more than 1300 kilometers. Drive alone, double or in a larger team, landscapes and views change rapidly and you may experience 'Your Lapland' also this way. Guided safaris, snowmobile and outfit hire will be provided according to your demand and desire."

"There glitters in SUMMER-MUONIO some hundred lakes and ponds where you may catch fish. The largest of them are the lakes Jerisjärvi and Äskäsjärvi, both important fish suppliers for the people long ago. Rivers and streams with fish are numerous, all of them clean, of course. In the waters you find graylings, whitefish, trouts and salmon. Pike and perch also belong to the choice of fish in Lapland.

You may be a hunter or a hiker. The wilds in Muonio offer you various game and space to wander. For hikers there are variable routes and wilderness huts to spend the night in.

Also guided fishing, hunting and hiking trips can be arranged not only to the nearby areas but also to the far away wilds.

When the great 'waterway', river Muonionjoki is free from ice, salmon and trout start their migration from the sea towards their spawning grounds. First salmons will reach Muonio in Midsummer time. From there on it is the season for 'the big one' either by casting in waterfront or by draging a lure with a river boat. Salmon fishing goes on to the autumn and you can rent the equipment and boat locally. Help and guidance for riverfishing will also be available."