And I warn you now
The velocity I'm gathering
Will knock you down
Send the chairs and lamps all scattering

-Aimee Mann, "Superball"

Logo text

Powergame is a free, fast-playing superhero RPG which I have been working on since 1994. It can be adapted to other genres quite easily, as long as storytelling and speed of play are more important than detailed rules which cover every possible situation. Having said that, the rules do cover character creation at several levels of power, man-to-man combat including some cinematic maneuvers, and simplified vehicle combat. Some people have actually confessed to liking the game.

Your game designer,
Mikko Kauppinen

Logo created by Paul Laine

Latest news (2 September 2015)

Seven years since the last update. Before you get excited, I only changed the download links to point to my own host, as some of them had expired. The layout is still authentically 90s.


Older products

Powergame 5.0 and some supplements have been translated into Portuguese, too. You can download them from Bardos a Bordo.

Some members of the mailing list, under the guidance of Marcelo Sarsur, created a campaign world for Powergame. You can follow the development of that project at the PowerForce Project Webpage. The materials are written for the previous edition of the rules, but conversions should be quite easy.

Other things

Once upon a time, I created another system, simply called WAR. If you are curious to see what it looks like, I recently converted some of the the old ASCII files to PDF format and added some basic layout. Currently, only World War II, an offshoot of WAR, is available. These files are offered as is; I know that they are not perfect. And the vehicle supplement that is mentioned never saw the light of day.

A company called Deep7 produces the excellent 1PG line of inexpensive RPGs in PDF format. They graciously allow fans to create homebrew supplements for the system. I have created one, too: it is called Emergency Response and it focuses on SWAT operations. Take a look - most of the material can be used in any game.